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Apr 18, 2022

Welcome, listeners!

We want to take a moment and thank our sponsor - Patriot Vacation Rentals, for making this podcast possible! 

In this episode, host Caroline Schafer chats with Spouse-ly service vendor Chief Happiness Officer of Kids’ Cake Boxes, Karen Hetz. 

The idea for Kids’ Cake Boxes came to Karen during the summer of 2020 when virtual get-togethers became the norm. After attending a child’s virtual birthday party, the realization that the children could not celebrate together set off an idea to create a way for each child to celebrate together while still being virtual.   

The pans are perfectly sized with all you need to make a 4-inch round cake. You just add eggs, butter, and milk. Each party host can order a cake kit for their guests. Each guest will have their own cake and can decorate it together as an activity.  

Karen wanted to create an opportunity for quality time in the kitchen, which is the goal of Kid’s Cake Boxes and celebrating childhood. 

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